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Allie Ochs is a relationship expert, coach, speaker and author of: Are You Fit to Love? A radically different approach to successful relationships.
Are you debating the prospect of Internet dating but feel it’s for losers, weirdoes, or worse? Or perhaps you’ve decided to try e-dating but are not quite sure the best way to proceed.
Free advice, books, workshops for singles to start on the path to finding true romantic happiness.
A guide that offers a huge list of first date questions, conversation starters & topics to talk about with your date.
Learn how to make a positive first impression. Go on a simulated first date (in person or on the phone).
Flash based dating advice and strategy system based upon the book of the same name.
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The worlds #1 practical guide to Internet Dating. Free dating logbooks and advice on the web page.
The Matchbook is the ultimate online dating coach for men. With almost 50 pages of topics ranging from how to write a profile.